HARD LOVE by Meredith Wild (Hacker Series #5)

I pre-ordered this book back in June and when I finally recieved it in my mail box on September 17 I was pumped! This is probably a modest way of saying how excited I was. I love this series and it will be a series I return to frequently. I love all the drama, the love scenes and how the author pinned the whole world against them but they still came out victorious, with their love bond even stronger.

This book, however, was a let down for me. I wont say hugely, but I was pretty disappointed. I can normally devourer this authors books within days, but this book took me a little while. There wasn’t a lot of drama, nor were there enough love-making scenes. Don’t get me wrong, there were some truely great moments in this book, but something was lacking for me. Too much lovely dovey moment, I guess. Which is okay, but, I was expecting Erica to be firing on all cylinders and Blake to be “NO, no, NO!” right behind her. I really liked the happy ending, the characters deserved it, truely deserved it. I just wish there was some more fire in this book, especially since it is the last in the series. I was hoping to go out with a bang since the first four books where so action packed!  The reason I love Erica and Blake is because they push each other and they care for each other and they ultimately make each other better. There is nothing these two can go through that the love they share can’t pull them out of. In this last book, there was no trust between them and there wasn’t enough fire. The fire and tenascious way both of them stood their ground, wasn’t there.

I really liked this book, I just didn’t love it like I loved 1-4. They will always be one of my favorite #otp though!

I gave this book 3/5

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