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Next Book Purchase

How do you choose your next book to purchase? 

You wake up and you decide you want to go to the bookstore because your tbr pile isn’t tall enough and you want to buy more books. Every avid book dragon has this problem. I see and read about it all the time. so when you’re walking down the aisle of a book store, how do you choose your next book? You’re making an investment in this book and in your bookshelf. Your bookshelf has to hold this book proudly, and show it off to the world. so which book is going home with you?

This is my process:

  • Decide which bookstore I want to journey through. This will depend on if I want to find a book that I have never heard of or if I want a more popular book. I usually make my way to B&N for the more popular books because I am so familiar with that place I know just where to go to find what I want (shhhhh….I know, I know…I may or may not spend too much time there…) and a local owned bookstore if I want something I’ve never heard of. They usually have all sorts of treasures!!
  • I find a genre I want an adventure in. Lately I have been into contemporary romance or YA fantasy.
  • Once in my deciding genre I start at one end, tilt my head sideways and walk from one end to the other, around the corner and back reading the titles on the spines. If a title is catchy enough, or the spine is pretty I’ll usually stop and pull it out and read the synopsis. I’ll be the first to admit that I usually always judge a book by it’s cover first. That’s the whole point of having a  fancy looking cover right?
  • If the story sounds interesting I will plop down and read chapter 1, sometimes chapter 2 or 3. I’m not shy in a bookstore either. I will literally sit in the middle of the aisle and read the chapters. All sprawled out…picture it..I’m sure you can. It’s basically our second home, these bookstores.
  • If I like what I read after chapter 1, the book makes it in to my maybe pile at the end of the aisle (yes I make book stacks at the end of the aisle, how else to keep track of my maybes). One time I had someone accidentally kick over one of my stacks and his reaction was the whole, “who would put a stack of books here????”, but once I explained what I was doing he gladly helped me put things back in order. I wouldn’t be surprised if this same guy was now making his own maybe stack!
  • Once I am satisfied with my maybe stack. I will plop back down and flip through the books reading pages here and pages there and dwindle the stack down. I try not to buy more than two books at one time. I went on a book buying binge last year and my tbr pile was so overwhelming I had to incorporate them into my bookshelf and hide them in plain sight! My tbr pile was that intimidating!


So that is my process. I keep to this process pretty religiously because it has not failed me yet and I don’t want to miss any new treasures!

So tell me all about your book buying process! How do you choose your next adventure??

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