South Carolina Grown

So one thing I love about where we live is all the local, fresh fruits, veggies, meats, dairy and eggs! We have some of the most influential SC farms here in our county and everyone knows the faces behind the name.

They are a part of our community. From going to church to selling their crops at a small stand on the side of the road. I work with the farmers at my job and I can call them by name and ask them questions. They are extremely hard working people and we are so very proud of our county and all that we produce. Part of my work is the federation that helps support our local farmers and help to shed some light on where our food comes from and how important it is that we support local farms. We should be doing this no matter where we live! It is an awesome feeling to know the guy who put the pork roast in your oven, or the gal who plucked the peanuts for a boiled peanut snack!
These gorgeous strawberries came from one of local (massive) farms, Breland Farms. The book is something our federation does every year for our local elementary schools and libraries to teach our kids where their food comes from. Last year the book was called “Who Grew My Soup?”. It was an adorable read!

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