Leila Meacham · New Adult · Romance · Woman's Fiction

I Met Leila Meacham!!!!!!!

So, the flight home from Texas was a nightmare. I don’t ever want to fly #Southwest again…But there was one extremely good thing that did occur on our flight home. I met the brilliant Leila Meacham. That’s right. New York Times Best Selling Author, Leila Meacham!!!!!!!!!!

She was on her way to a book signing on Pawley’s Island in SC to promote her new book, Titan. We talked about which eReader would be best for her then we talked about our dogs and how much personality they have, then about all the rain in TX making it hard on crops. And she even gave me the deets on her new book coming out in July (a romance with a “few smooch scenes”)!! Boy am I excited!! Talking with Leila, it truly felt like I was talking with a longtime friend. Leila even talked with my husband and told him she was an author and my husband said to her, “Does my wife know that? You’re going to make her day.” And boy did she! I didn’t have any of her books on my shelves but my local book store had all four of her books, and you bet your sweet cheeks my husband dropped me off to pick up all four of them! I told the cashier at the bookstore about meeting Leila Meacham and we totally had a fangirl moment. There may have been some high pitched squeaking….ha-ha!! I didn’t make the signing yesterday because of work, but I was there in spirit. I hope there was a great turn out and Leila was able to relax with her husband. That is what she was really looking forward to. That, and shrimp and grits. I told her she was in the right part of the world for that! I hope I can catch her next time she is in my neck of the woods again.

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