Ten Non-Bookish Things About Me

Hey low there readers!

Sometimes in these blogs the person behind the post gets lost. So instead of doing a book post this time, I figured I would post a few things about me that are not book related. I do not always like talking about myself but sometimes it is fun.

Thing one:

One of my favorite shows is Longmire. It is about a sheriff and life and crime in a small Wyoming town. I may have a tiny (hugely gigantic) crush on Sheriff Longmire. Something about rugged, old cowboys with a quiet temperament and smarts. MMMMMMMM – MMMMMMMM! 

Sorry….I forgot we were in a blog….

Thing two:

I love alfalfa sprouts. On everything. Sandwiches, salads, plain. I love those stringy bastards. They are so yummy.

Thing three:

I am a wine connoisseur. BAH! Just kidding. I do love wine though. Red, white, pink, rosé, moscato, sparkling, bubbling, green, yellow. I like them all. I think I was a Roman Goddess in a past life.

Thing four:

My husband is my best friend. Like for real. I have acquaintances, like a handful, but husband is numero uno mejor amigo. We have known each other since seventh grade and now we are inseparable. Probably because we are married. I like to think it is because I am such a fantastic human he cannot help but be sucked into my vórtice de impresionante. I don’t know why I am speaking spanglish. MOVING ON!

Thing five:

This is getting harder….man I am sort of boring….

OH! I secretly wish to be an Evil Witch Queen. For real. My boss already tells kids I am a good witch turning bad, might as well start to embrace it! If someone came and asked if I wanted to trade lives with an evil queen, and take my husband with me, I would do it. Although, my husband may not love me anymore and we probably wouldn’t be best friends if I was evil….I’d like to think he would. True love and all that.

Thing six:

I am a very impatient woman. With a lot of things. I was not blessed with the patient gene. I also feel as though people should be able to do the job they are placed to do and rise to meet challenges said job may ask of them.

Thing seven:

I have two eight week old black kittens. Morgan and Merlin. Every self-respecting Evil Witch Queen must. Their eyes change from light sky blue to sea foam green. I am absolutely obsessed with them. (don’t tell my family) See them??? SO much cuteness!!FullSizeRender (20)

Thing eight:

I am petrified of moths. Like I will scream my lungs out and run away like a little girl. They will crawl in my mouth when I am sleeping and lay moth babies in my lungs and kill me from the inside. Don’t let them trick you.

Thing nine:

I reeeaaalllly wish I could go to school full-time and not work. I like my job, it pays the bills, but I love school.

Thing ten:

Much to the clichés chagrin, I do not want to be an author, or a writer of any kind. Except blogging, obvs. Most readers aspire to be writers but not me. I am a reader, not a writer. I realize this is bookish related but books are my life so one out of ten is okay, right? Right!

What are a few non-bookish related things about you? I’d love to hear from you and get to know you a little bit!

Thanks for reading!

Live long and prosper!

Chelsea K. 

2 thoughts on “Ten Non-Bookish Things About Me

  1. I agre with not wanting to be an author! I used to want to be one, but I sort of fell out of love with it. 😂 And I’m super impatient; it’s terrible! And your kittens are so cute (I almost missed the second one in the photo lol).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh your kittens are SO CUUUUUTE AND FLUFFY!! And honestly I always struggle to come up with non-book related things about myself, so you did great.😂 My favourite show is Supernatural! And I can’t stand sprouts so you can have all of mine.😂😉

    Liked by 1 person

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