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A Place In The Sun by R.S. Grey

Guess who’s back with a brand new blog?? THIS CHICK IS!!! After 18 days, I KNOW, since my last post I figured I should post something. I never said I was a consistent blogger, I said it is something I strive for so put the pitch forks and torches away you angry villagers. All honesty though, I meant to post before today but I went down a dark hole after semester ended because I didn’t get the grade in my English class that I wanted. I was super upset. Like I cried and everything. I swore off writing anything forever when I was at the lowest of my dark hole. Then I remembered I’m an English major and that sware will not stand. SO! Let us get to what this blog is about….if you could not tell from the title it is going to be my review for A Place In The Sun by R.S. Grey. 

Let me show you the synopsis that I got from Goodreads:

When her mother’s incessant matchmaking hits an all-time high, Georgie Archibald does what any sensible woman would do: she flees the country.

Seeking refuge in the picturesque seaside village of Vernazza, Italy, Georgie’s only plan is to lie low, gorge herself on gelato, and let the wine and waves wash her troubles away… that is until she wakes up in a bed that belongs to the most romantic-looking man she’s ever seen.


After going out of his way to rescue her, the former London financier turned mysterious recluse makes it clear that despite acting as her white knight, he has no plans to co-star in her fairytale.

But Georgie isn’t asking for his heart—she’s merely intrigued.

After all, Gianluca isn’t just gorgeous—tall and tan from days spent in the sun—his touch sets her world on fire. With him, Georgie experiences the most intoxicating passion she’s ever known, and it only takes a few steamy nights for her to realize that sometimes running away from trouble is the best way to find it.

Sounds soooooooo good, yeah? As a self-proclaimed “romance junkie” I am all over this book like white on rice. Are we still allowed to say that? How about like ants on a cracker? That sounds so gross. Any way, I got this book in a subscription box that has a focus on romance reads and I was like, “Hello, beautiful. I shall give you a chance to blow me away.” The box didn’t really do that. I got a cute ornament for my Christmas tree, though! This book sat on my shelf staring at me for four months.

“Why won’t you read me, Chelsea? I am your favorite genre!! READ ME! READ ME!!!!!!!!!”

I finally picked it up and it took me two days to read. My average read time with romance books. Here are my thoughts. I know you’re  saying, “Finally……..cheese and rice!”

I only mildly enjoy this book. I like the main girl, Georgie, but I hate her name. Georgie did what I want to do but can’t. That is: leave my country and find a new one to explore. I have dreams, and that is one of them. Georgie seems to have her priorities straight too which is always nice for a character to have. Makes the story less messy. Which brings me to the next character….

Gianluca. The typical gorgeous, mysterious, muscular, can-do-everything-no-matter-the-task, but wait….I have baggage! Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

I love a steamy romance and the stories usually don’t get boring for me. I can read the same story line in six different books and long as it is done well with little differences and I like the characters, I am usually good.

A Place In The Sun has four stages.

  1. My life is boring and I need a husband before I go crazy so I am going to do something so out of character.
  2. Met the most gorgeous God-like man ever! OH-EM-GEEEE!!!! He’s the only one for me in the entire village. No one else will do.
  3. Flirting. Oh no…. he doesn’t want me….booo-whoooo! Everyone feel bad for me.
  4. I got the man, Happy Ever After!!

The worst part though is that you clearly know what stage you’re in when you’re reading the book. Grey could have separated the story in to part one, part two, etc., and it would not have been as obvious. I think that is why I really didn’t enjoy this book. The love felt forced. I like organic stories. Organic love. This story didn’t have that.

If you are looking for a quick romance read to help your Goodreads book goal, this is the book for you!

I gave this one 3/5 stars.

If you have read it I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Do we fall on the same side, or did you ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT OH_EM_GEE! 

Or if you have not read it, did my review help sway you any which way??


Live Long and Prosper!

Chelsea K.

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