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Possessing Beauty Series by Madison Faye

Hey, readers! Woah, I’ve been MIA for a few weeks on the blog and I’m sorry for that. It’s been a rough few weeks for me and I honestly haven’t felt like writing much more than a Instagram or Twitter post. Thank you to my new followers, I’m glad I have posts on here that made you want to follow along and thank you to my current followers who didn’t un-follow because of my MIA-ness. I really do appreciate you.

So, since I’m feeling better enough to write a post, I wanted to post my thoughts about an erotic romance series I found on one of the Facebook ads that always show up on my timeline. I know, I know. I fell right into their trap, but let’s save that story for another day, yeah? So this was your warning…

So the Possessing Beauty series is a total of four books. I bought all four for Kindle for a whooping $3.87. For the record, I try not to judge a Kindle deal based on price because I found one of my favorite Paranormal Romance authors with a free e-book, and she constantly has awesome deals on her books, but I maybe should have thought about this deal a little more than I did. It was a, “I’m still awake at 11pm and I want something steamy to read. Oh look! A Facebook ad! Let’s click it! See where it takes me.” Don’t ever trust a tired brain. EVER. At least I’m starting to make progress on my Goodreads goal because I flew through these babies.

Back to the books. This series follows four princesses (three sister’s and a cousin) and four princes and one huntsman. If you’re trying to do the math, I’ll save you the trouble. There is a threesome in the mix. One Princess gets VERY lucky. These four books are all about 120 to 150 pages long and they are nothing short of spectacular cheesiness. Like, I can’t even believe how many times I laughed at some of the lines because they were just SO ridiculous. The price tag started to make sense at this point.

Even though the books were cheap, short, cheesy, and erotic, there was also a common theme of “breeding” to these books and it really got to me. Women are not solely for breeding purposes. The Princesses in these books practically begged for an heir and found actual pleasure at the thought of “producing” a kid for their lover. A total turn off for me while reading. I get the whole wanting to have a family and live happily ever after but there comes a point where it gets extremely awkward to read when a woman experiences an orgasm thinking about popping out a child in 40 weeks because her king is “sharing” his “seed.” GAG ME WITH A SPOON AND SCOOP OUT MY EYES WITH A RUSTY KEY. Oh did I mention all the Princesses were virgins and all the men were Alpha sex Gods? No? Well, now you know!

I pretty much only liked the covers. Don’t be fooled though! Heed my warning! Do not fall for the muscular tatted men and the pretty colors like I did! IT’S A TRAP!!


FullSizeRender (21)

Beating Beauty (Possessing Beauty #1) follows Princess Isla and Prince Logan and it had the whole “beauty and the beast” theme.

Stealing Beauty (Possessing Beauty #2) follows Princess Imogen and Prince Magnus aka Magnum and had a whole Ariel and Eric theme. At least that’s what I gathered from the story.

Sharing Beauty (Possessing Beauty #3) follows Princess Ilana and Prince’s Cade and Caspian (you read that right) and had a Sleeping Beauty theme to it.

Hunting Beauty (Possessing Beauty #4) follows Princess Adele and Damon (not a Prince) and had a definite Snow White vibe.

I don’t want to recommend these books to anyone because they were not worth my $4. I take that back…these books had their moments. Don’t buy these books unless you can handle the cheesy sex scenes, and sex talk, and the breeding and ONLY if you have $4 to spare. Romance junkie not approved.


Thanks for reading!


Live long and prosper,

Chelsea K.


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