Get The Hell Over It · Non-Fiction · Sarah Beth Moore

Get The Hell Over It: How To Let Go of Fear and Realize Your Creative Dream by Sarah Beth Moore

“We radically underestimate the importance of failure.”

Did y’all know that the amazing Sarah, @newleafwriter, has a book coming out? Well, now you do! And you should be really excited about it! I first started following Sarah’s bookstagram account about 2 1/2 years ago, right around the time I decided to get serious with my own bookstagram account. I loved her photos. They were always so gorgeous, full of beautiful knickknacks, beautiful books, and most importantly, ELEPHANTS! She loved the majestic creatures as much as I did!! I thought to myself, “this is a bookstagrammer I can get behind!” She posted a review for Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin that changed my life. Ryan Graudin is now favorite author. Her books are amazing. More than her pictures though, were her captions. So witty, so funny, and full of personality. You got a sense of the person behind her account on every post she wrote. A little over a year ago I struggled to find my niche in the bookstagram world and I struggled to gain followers and friends. There were so many beautiful accounts and I felt severely lacked on my pictures and captions. So, I turned to Sarah. Or, more specifically, her blog. (If you guys find her posts awesome you should really take time to read her blog.) There I found an ebook she had written on how to get more followers for your bookstagram. I don’t remember the exact name of the book, or if I even still have a copy of it, but if you looked at Sarah’s follower count, you would think she had a few pointers on how to gain more of them for yourself. My main goal was not to gain an astronomical amount of followers, but if they came I wouldn’t be sad about it. I started reading this book to get more confidence in my posts and pictures. Sarah doesn’t know, although she will now since I’ve tagged her in this, but that ebook on her blog changed my entire attitude towards bookstagram. The book changed my way of thinking when it came to my pictures. My feed turned into a beautiful work of art. I felt confident in my pictures. And you know what? The followers came. The best part though? I liked my pictures, I liked my feed, I felt confident in my creativeness.

“In layman’s terms, we fear ceasing to exist, coming to harm, being confined or limited, losing connectedness or being rejected, and suffering a blow to the ego.”

When Sarah asked me if I would review her new book coming out. I didn’t hesitate with an answer. Of course I would read her book and leave a review. Someone who I admire asking me for my thoughts? What a freaking honor!

“Your dreams are real, and that means they’re important.” 

So let’s get to the book. The name of the book is, Get The Hell Over It: How To Let Go of Fear and Realize Your Creative Dream. A Genius title because I know from experience that when you doubt your creative work it hinders your creative progress. That dark cloud of doubt never goes away when the fear of failure is in the back of your head. Right off the bat you notice Sarah’s personality coming through the pages. I love this about her writing. Because I have read a book of Sarah’s before, and her tips really worked for me, I was already invested in GTHOI. I knew going in her words were going to hold weight. Her words, her guidance HELP people. I am one of them so believe me. This book is not some “self help” book that you’re going to read and feel even more helpless because none of the chapters apply to you and you can feel the cheesiness of the book being oozed from the pages.

“Because I mean…hatboxes and taxidermy. That’s some serious apple and oranges shit. Who knows, man?”

GTHOI takes a step by step, PRACTICLE approach to get over your creative rain cloud. At the end of each chapter she asked to do an exercise. “Questions to the rescue!” They are not hard ones but they are designed to help you REALLY think about what your creative dream is, how to plan for it, what you need to plan, and how you’re going to get that plan accomplished. I am a firm believer in writing your thoughts down. It helps your mind to really process things. You have to think of the word, process the words and then your brain has to tell your hand to move to create each word you’re writing. Just for one word you have already processed it three times. That is why we remember and focus better when we have written things down. I have been struggling with a creative thing I have been wanting to do for a little while. Nothing big, I don’t plan on making thousands of dollars with it but it would be something for me. Sarah’s exercises helped me put into words what I want to do and how I am going to do it. Half my creative process is already done now. I just need to tweak it at every stage, because let’s face it, not everyone can write out a dream plan and it work EXACTLY how you wrote it out. At least, not me. I am not that good.

“Failures are painful, but they are very rarely fatal. You’re not Nepolean, for God’s sake. You’re just you, and screwing something up isn’t going to impact your life that much.”

The big take away from this book is that you can, and you will, realize your dream. If you are struggling with finding something or have found something you want to pursue, this book will help you put one foot in front of the other and get you there. The exercises will make you take a step back and look at the big picture of what you want. Sometimes it helps to have a someone who is guiding you. That is what this book is. A guide, a tool to getting the hell over it and realizing your creative dream.


“I think you are going to guess what I have to say here: 

It’s time to get the hell over it.”


This book will be out September 1, 2017 and you can find it on Amazon!

Thanks for reading! Now go pre-order this book! DO IT!!!!


Live long and Prosper,

Chelsea K.

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