Reading Room

So this was kind of fun to see. I wish I would have taken better progress pictures but you can still get the general idea that the room was bad and now it’s awesomeness if I do say so myself! 

This was the before…three layers of old, unattractive wall paper trim! Ew! 

This was the during. It took me three days to paint this room because I despise painting!  I was also slowly adding my furniture to the room to decide placement and fung-shway! 

And finally we have my somewhat complete reading room! I’m always wanting to add more to my walls but I never do! 😁 I say somewhat complete because there will always be another bookcase to add, or elephants to find homes for! There is a black desk (you can see it in the above picture) behind in the corner, I didn’t show it because it’s full of boring stuff. I’ll post a picture if you want to see my “other workspace” that’s not my reading chair!